Person first, Player second…

I truly believe in the saying, 
“people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care”.

My aim is to continuously strive to provide the highest amount of both care and expertise to a person’s development.

"Joe is a diamond, as a coach and as a person. Those that are fortunate enough to work with him will quickly find out that he is in this sport for the right reasons and he will help you develop as a person first and player second. His knowledge and experience in the game at all levels is fantastic and his ability to connect to your story and in turn what you need to develop is one of his best attributes."
Dan Kiernan
Former GB Number 1 Doubles Player
Director, SotoTennis Academy
Joe has coached both my son and daughter since the age of 10 and 8 respectively. Joe Instilled a work ethic and discipline combined with an exceptional coaching philosophy and skill that has benefitted them both hugely. George is now a successful US college athlete who continues to seek advice from Joe. Isabelle is about to embark on a similar course this autumn. As a coach and mentor I couldn’t recommend Joe more highly.”
Glyn Barfoot
Father of George and Isabelle Barfoot