I’m a big believer that Tennis is so much more than just learning how to hit a ball over a net.

There are the obvious benefits that being active brings to both physical and mental fitness and well-being.

On top of that, competitive Tennis puts you in positions where you can develop so many skills that are transferrable to life outside of a Tennis court…

  • The endeavour and discipline of getting on court and working your hardest unconditionally
  • The professionalisms of being punctual, preparing for and reflecting on training and matches
  • The resilience of dealing with uncomfortable situations
  • The ability to deal with pressurised situations and seeing them as an opportunity
  • Reflecting and learning from losses/failures
  • The confidence of knowing you’ve given your all
  • The enjoyment of being with like-minded people and creating lifelong friends

And many, many more besides!

No matter how far your Tennis journey takes you, whether it be Club Tennis or competing at Wimbledon, all of those skills and habits will be able to have a positive effect on your life

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