Kansas State University

For me tennis is far more than just a sport. I loved competing, I loved practicing, I loved my tennis family, nothing made me happier than when things finally clicked but more than that; I love the person tennis has helped me become. I was never a natural athlete, but tennis taught me that with hard work, commitment, sacrifice and the right people around you – you can achieve almost anything. For me, it was college tennis and I applied the same work ethic tennis taught me to my university work and now my professional career. Tennis taught me that setbacks aren’t permanent, unless you allow them to be. Playing any sport comes with disappointments, injuries and tough losses but tennis taught me how to deal with them. It gave me the ability to take feedback and criticism, to put my head down and get through tough or uncomfortable situations and to get back up after I fail. Playing a sport where it’s not over until that final ball is hit has shaped the way I approach life, work and sport and so far, all for the better.

Success so far…

ITF Junior World Ranking 1150

Top 10 National Under 18 Ranking 

Represented Hampshire at Junior and Senior Level